Consulting and Implementation

Finnegans Partnership

At Midas we believe that it is possible to provide services and solutions that contribute to improving our clients' business processes, using technology as a facilitator, with a personalized service to follow the digital transformation process.


Midas is a certified partner for the implementation of Finnegans, management software that offers business solutions that are easy to operate in its main verticals, facilitating the analysis of operational and economic results of organizations, also promoting excellent collaboration capacity for its users.

What are integrated solutions like?

Finnegans GO provides solutions in aspects of operational management and financial planning that allow you to comply with accounting and tax regulations and obtain reports for good decision making. It also allows you to efficiently manage business opportunities and manage human capital, from employee registration to salary settlement in the same workspace.

Finnegans ERP

Business Management:

ERP is the entire administrative backoffice in one place, from treasury to stock, purchase/sale and taxes. It also allows you to improve the relationship with suppliers through its integrated Apps such as FInnApp Agro, Purchasing Portal, Sales Portal, among several others.

Finnegans CRM

Business Relationship Management:

CRM allows you to be aware of all interactions with clients, while analyzing each one's profile, and orienting proposals to those who will be most receptive to receiving them, by having all the information on leads, prospects and clients in one same place.

Finnegans HCM

Gestión de Capital Humano:

HCM is the management simplification of everything that happens with the company's resources and collaborators. It allows you to manage from the settlement of salaries and wages, to performance evaluations and daily operations such as vacations and licenses, with many agreements available and parameterized.

Finnegans Main Verticals

Finnegans - Agropecuarias


With Finnegans GO CERES you can know as accurately as possible what the expected gross margin of each alternative is, the scenario of input and labor needs, as well as the projection of income and costs.

Finnegans - Manufacturas


With Finnegans GO Manufacturing it is possible to manage the entire production process (from sales to purchases of the necessary inputs) and optimize inventory management and thus improve logistics and industrial productivity.

Finnegans - Servicios


Finnegans GO Services gives your organization the ability to manage all of its projects efficiently. The tool gives you the power to control the times and costs of each project and each stage that comprises the job.

Finnegans - Contadores


With Finnegans GO, Accountants have the possibility of accessing a digital ecosystem where they can manage all interactions with their clients through shared management that optimizes communication.

Finnegans - Constructoras


Finnegans GO Constructing is the solution for
have management under control. In this construction software, direct costs, materials, labor and machinery are integrated with indirect costs to help you understand the final result.

Finnegans - Comercializadoras


With Finnegans GO Marketers you can keep the sales program organized, know what merchandise should be reserved, or delivered, how much, when and what should be invoiced. Management will be able to use the same tool for more strategic purposes.

Finnegans - Salud


Finnegans GO Health gives you the power to control the times and costs of each project and each stage that comprises it. Our software helps you optimize resource allocation and integrate them to achieve predefined objectives.

Finnegans - ONGs


We encourage and promote organizations that generate impact. Those entities whose purpose is not the pursuit of economic benefit but mainly pursue a social, humanitarian, artistic and/or community purpose qualify.

In the quest to continue adding efficiency, we continually develop solutions to add value through digital collaboration. Thanks to the advantage of having an open platform, Finnegans is committed to actively promoting integrations with different systems. In this way, we enhance businesses by simplifying and streamlining the management of organizations.

Our Clients: Who trusted us?

Consulting and Development Service

As Finnegans partners, at Midas we have incorporated the implementation of this platform as part of our consulting service for continuous improvement.

Our objective is to follow the evolution of processes, mature the knowledge acquired, and discover new requirements so that, together with our specialized staff, we can design and build new applications or tools that integrate with Finnegans and its resources.

At Midas we ensure that each client experiences an excellent transition towards integrating Finnegans into their operations and achieves tangible results in terms of efficiency and business performance.

Integración de Apps con Finnegans