Recording Manager

We entered the world of business process optimization and create a tool that revolutionizes communications management. The Recording Manager allows you to quickly identify areas of improvement in the quality of communications and key moments that will serve to accelerate user training.


It is a comprehensive solution designed to secure, manage and listen to recordings to facilitate evaluation, improve the quality of communications and drive continuous growth and customer satisfaction.

What do we offer with this manager?

Grupo 5530

Custom profiles and permissions based on defined roles.

Grupo 5535

Management history to guarantee transparency in operations.

Grupo 5531

Record of access to the recordings and actions performed by each user.

Grupo 5534

Scalability that accompanies the growth of teams and operations.

Grupo 5532

Efficient team management to maximize productivity.

Grupo 5533

Adaptability to the changing needs of organizations.

What are its advantages?

Grupo 5529

It Improves the quality of communications

It ensures the highest quality standards in customer interactions to provide them with an exceptional experience. Careful monitoring of telephone conversations ensures that agents are complying with established protocols and allows for identifying opportunities for improvement in service and thus reducing onboarding and training times.

Grupo 5512

It increases productivity and success stories

It facilitates resource management, task assignment and performance monitoring to provide constructive feedback, helping to reduce case management time. It also allows you to quickly detect and correct errors in the contact process, facilitates customer segmentation, personalization of strategies and precise monitoring of each case.

Grupo 5527

It ensures transparency and accountability

It ensures compliance with protocols and regulations to minimize legal risks. It increases the responsibility of your team and improve the trust of employees and clients thanks to detailed supervision of actions, case control and comprehensive analysis of communications from this systematic collection of recordings.

In conclusion:

Our experience in the development of cutting-edge technological solutions allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients, accompany them in the management process and ensure tangible results in the shortest possible time. Our recording manager is further testimony, as a success story, of this work approach.